Author: Mr C.S. Wood BSc MSc​
Author: Mr C.S. Wood BSc MSc​
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Mr Wood has worked as a Grammar school head of department and science teacher for over twenty years and is an experienced GCSE examiner. He is an ex fish farm manager and disease inspector for the Ministry of Agriculture. This wealth of experience allows him to explain things in a real world context, to show you how to answer questions more effectively and where to pick up those extra hidden marks.
  • One year of access
  • Interactive video tutorial – no more passive watching, use the activities to focus your attention and engage with the lesson
  • Notes template – detailed question prompts to really make you consider the content properly
  • 12 learning games – great for memorising key details
  • Curated library of extra tutorials for each topic – it’s sometimes useful to gain a different perspective on the same theory (in development)
  • Transcription of most extra tutorials with guidance for note taking
  • Glossary of exam terms – it’s all too easy to misinterpret what examiners are looking for, use the video’s, text and diagrams in this section to check
  • Exam style questions with feedback in the form of mark scheme and examiners comments
  • Progress reviews with filterable report and revision notes to guide your exam preparation
  • Diagnostic report comparing confidence with performance – highlights where your progress is beyond what you thought, and the topics you didn’t know needed work
  • Access to a private coaching sessions (extra fee applicable)

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AQA GCSE Biology 4.1.1.(1-2) Cytology

Student version – available to all, permanently available
non-interactive versions of the tutorials only

Teachers version – on application, short-term appraisal,
fully-interactive versions of the tutorials